GrooVenoM – Wir müssen reden (Lol Trancebore)


Sure formula for destruction is core + anything else. See that core? It will, lol, bore. Metalcore, deathcore, anycore, shed a tear for the human race, and then jump off a bridge. Imagine my suicidal thoughts when I saw this particular German troupe in the promos, who annoyingly spell their name with only some capitalized letters. I’m sure it means something, but I don’t care. They play what one site calls “trancecore” that’s between “deathcore and pop music.” Want to grind and groove at the same time? Well too bad. GrooVenoM’s latest full-length, Wir müssen reden (which translates to “We need to talk”), really does need to talk to someone. Is anyone willing to listen? Only the few diehard maniacs still slamming to this stuff.


You probably find it strange I’m even covering it because German industrial, EDM, and EBM culture and metal have been committing incest for far too long. Wir müssen reden has plenty you’re not going to like. The specific niche that’s developed for this type of music is amazing in its ability to barely change, and it seems it might survive for much longer than anyone believed possible. Keyboard sleaze, “heartfelt” vocals, jun jun moments, it’s got that “core” thing 333%. But, and that’s a big but, GrooVenoM do pull out a few moments of interest. There are times, strangely, when things come together in a way that “trancecore” sounds viable instead of stupid and you may actually pay attention. It’s not often, but it’s there, such as the 2:20 mark in the title track (see above) leading into the trance action. I must admit I nodded a bit, but then remembered it’s a core variant and there are no samples on Bandcamp. Why did I review it then? Damn that cover is great girl is eating flesh.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

GrooVenoM –  Wir müssen reden
Out of Line
3.4 / 5