Ami-Bique – きょむりま (From Japan = Good Always)


I’ve been begging for some good noise for so long I decided it’s not a musical genre anymore. Harsh noise wall, which is what I usually see in the promo emails, also needs to die. It consistently lacks purpose, the stuff children create. Record AM radio static and add some meaningless, deep title to it and you’re done. Substance? You need it. Without it, noise is merely someone who fails at music failing at making anti-music, and that’s sad. If you fail at crushing the system please die. Please burn your folding tables and plethora of pedals you don’t know how to use. Ami-Bique has been on the typical noise musician track of split-CDrs and FLAC singles no one’s ever heard of, but unlike the rest of you she actually knows how to work her equipment so it’s a shame this is only digital, to my knowledge.


I was randomly followed by Ami on Twitter and I was like WhoTF? All I knew was she’s Japanese and makes noise. The Japanese practically invented the genre loosely defined as such, so I was game. It’s in the blood or something. きょむりま is her first full-length and relies on churning patterns broken by bizarre throat torture. It’s cute, yet horrifying. With pounding, distorted gabber thumps, throat warbles, and metal textures beating like some mechanical heart force-injected with adrenaline, it’s the kind of stuff that transitions people from metal to noise because of its bridging effect. What makes Ami more effective than others is her sense of texture, which many noise “artists” lack. The layers are not merely there to destroy and thus lead to emptiness, they have something to reveal and hit hard. My only complaint is the final track, a noticeable slog in comparison to the high-energy smash of the rest, but the majority you’re going to want to gyrate to to the point your bodily vibrations shatter glass.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Ami-Bique –   きょむりま
4.1 / 5