Garage Bad Trip (Acidhead VHS Zombie Horror)


Yeah here we go. If there’s one thing that’s an easy sell in a video game, it’s got to be mutated freaks you blast into pieces, but maybe not because WTF no one seems to be playing this. But wait add getting high off of chemically-soaked rats, killing prisoner guards with nail guns, two-headed dogs, and a crazy Russian trying to change the world one limb graft at a time, and you have Garage Bad Trip. How could you not want to try it with those kinds of details? So come on, eat a rat, kill some stuff.


TinyBuild has been sending us really stellar stuff, so looking through their releases I noticed the lack of attention this one from Zombie Dynamics was getting. I must ask why? Dude gets high off a chemically soaked rat to make himself temporarily dead to kill zombies. I mean come on now. You play a drug dealer named Butch who gets mixed up in blood and gore in a secret facility under a mall nicknamed the “Garage” where a Russian scientist has been creating genetic freaks to change the world. It takes the top-down play of games like Smash TV and turns it into designer drug VHS horror. I don’t think I’ve ever been this convinced to not do drugs and I got to blast apart butthole-eating human centipedes in the process so that’s good. Fans of Euro trash tape culture will devour Garage Bad Trip and the challenge should push away noobs to leave only the champions (ie me and maybe you). Tough, traumatic, and triggering, just like we enjoy here.


Garage Bad Trip Official Steam Page

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Garage Bad Trip
Zombie Dynamics (developer), TinyBuild (publisher)
4.9 / 5