Ogre – When I Land (Isolating Suicidal Noise)


Man, this guy hits hard on so many levels. Aurally, visually, philosophically, mentally, I mean I feel like my soul never existed or was replaced with spider webs covered in wrist blood. I’ve been trying to dip the site further into noise now and then because it’s been so underrepresented, but the problem is the majority of promos have just sucked and most noise artists could give a shit about promoting themselves. They pretty much release a tape for themselves and then burn it, even when it’s good. Ogre is about shock, but not for the value of shock. He just revels in it as part of his being. Whether or not you’re shocked or care doesn’t even matter. But you probably will.


Contrarily, for promotion reasons, I had to select what looks like the easiest image to bump on Facebook (lol) for more likes and hits and this one worked, plus it’s a good sample of his work. Ogre’s approach is varied with many different textures and applications of noise, but When I Land is perhaps the best harsh noise wall (HNW) I’ve heard. The genre tends to be a total miss because it’s usually a bunch of loud static you’re supposed to accept, and it really does sound the same every single time. Ogre, however, hides textures within textures in a downward spiral of agony. HNW can only succeed when the listener’s mind finds meaning in the assault (listen to this loud), but Ogre is far more forgiving in that regard and leads the ears along, slowly stripping away layers to reveal the textures that show you to the edge of your personal cliff. The textures are jagged, frayed, and bleeding. It’s like taking a suicidal dive while looking up so when the ground comes you won’t see it so it hits so much harder.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Ogre – When I Land
4.1 / 5