Trench Warfare – Hatred Prayer (Ear Infection Death Metal)


It’s easy to start back up after a vacation where I got a double ear infection (inner and middle, both ears) with some filthy death metal that sounds just like that. Actually listened to this one quite a bit before I left for that fateful, poisonous trip, so it seems fitting to return with Trench Warfare’s filthy sound as my ears drip a strange fluid that probably signifies impending disaster. Actually not true but that was sort of a good intro. Want to hear ear infection death metal (cool I just invented that)? Here we go.


Hatred Prayer is a dripping mess of bubbling ear waste. When they get going it almost sounds, at times, like their hands are covered in mud. There’s this uncertainty in delivery as the drums pound away, almost at their own tempo, and the riffage develops like sloppy tenths. To crown it all in a disgusting, oozing ear bile you have those vocals. They’re delivered with messy echo (so that ear gag works here) and instead of growling are more wont to throat moan, which lends a layer of enmity that rarely appears with more traditional delivery. Any track, such as “Spare No Wrath,” will show you immediately what I mean practically every second. If I have any complaints, it’s the production. A few times the drums were too hard in the front with a snare that’s strangely soft at times, but for these few moments Trench Warfare have a disgusting sound that is sure to give you a double ear infection like me, metaphorically speaking. Let it drip.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Trench Warfare –  Hatred Prayer
Transcending Obscurity Records
4.1 / 5