Motive – Fight the World (Cyberbullied Thrash)


I’m actually wondering why I’m reviewing this, because it’s not going to be good. First reason I can muster, that art by Diego Garza (Diablo Macabre) is thick. Second reason, actually, no, we’ll stop there. I have no other reasons I’m afraid. I’ve gone on the anti-retro thrash tirade a few times, or just the regular thrash tirade, so I won’t tire you, or myself here. This is thrash and it doesn’t care about much else but that. The awesome cover promises oil rigs with Satanic liches casting spells on skeleton soldiers with pyramids among skyscrapers for some reason, and as much as that doesn’t need elaboration, this album does because it falls so flat. Ah, there’s the other reason, I felt like ripping on something. Sorry Motive.


Any band that has the guts to call an album Fight the World had damn well be ready to fight son. What I’m saying is these guys aren’t, or at least the vocalist isn’t. But you’ll pass around this thrash riff syringe, have a hit, and probably take seconds too, but you’ll have to accept the disease that comes along. Motive proves a classic point I make about this genre: if the vocals don’t have enough beast it collapses. That’s exactly what happens. The lead wants so much to sound awesome and tough, but it’s a total strain for him, and you, in the process. He lacks the depth and vocal chord-reaping of the best thrashers out there and without muscle this type of metal simply can’t bring any fight. Toss in lyrics about cyberbullying and it’s clear guy was bullied in pre-K and has a vendetta he’ll never consummate. All he can do is try to ride the coattails of the music, and the riffs only do this for so long. That means not very. Fight yourself first, son, it’s an inner conflict that needs resolved before you try to be badass.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Motive –  Fight the World
Metal Devastation Records, Self-Released
2.9 / 5

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