Warsenal – Feast Your Eyes (Glass in Eyes Thrash Metal)


Lol holy shit if Velio Josto‘s sick cover doesn’t say “yes you will like this,” then you deserve some glass to the eyes, and ears because you don’t deserve to listen either. I saw some complaints or something about the art but I won’t even bother trashing that drivel. Warsenal are a fifth-edition textbook example of how thrash still works. I’m more and more convinced the vocals are key to such an accomplishment, and Feast Your Eyes is my hypothesis and proof.


Must I spew another tirade about retro thrash? I’ll skip it for today. Like all thrash, though, Warsenal are armed with clarity in riff and bass with slightly subdued drums. Yes and also fingers-falling-off solos and speed runs. We’ve heard all that. So what does Feast Your Eyes matter if this is tot be a good future for thrash beyond cool art? The vocals. Warsenal have a tendency to sound crazy, chaotic, and risky in their delivery, but the vocals draw it straight into the eyes. Vocalist/guitarist Mat shrieks like a man wanted for murder. His voice echoes in the sewer in which he hides with a confidence that he’ll never get caught. These guys have a great groove and they can rip, but like any thrash if it wanted to succeed, which this one does, it needed a frontbeast. You’re a beast, bro.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Warsenal –  Feast Your Eyes
Svart Records
4.2 / 5