Umbra Conscientia – Yellowing of the Lunar Consciousness (That’s a Mouthful Black Metal)


I forgot where Costa Rica was until I listened to these guys. For some reason I thought it was like an island by itself but it turns out it’s just near Panama. See, you can learn something new every time you listen to crud music, I swear. Perhaps the most important thing being that it’s still possible to surprise your listener while wearing a shroud of the typical. Umbra Conscientia are the perfect purple puddle between post and classic black metal with enough to entertain both camps without starting a war. Actually a BM Civil War would be cool but oh well. I don’t choose sides anyway.


Umbra Conscientia are a successful combination of two different parties of black metal: the post variety that’s fit to do whatever TF it wants to the point of exiling itself, and the classic variety that stays in the senior center and refuses to move seats. So where does it come together in Yellowing of the Lunar Consciousness? It comes together out of nowhere, much like the band, who has absolutely 0 presence before this. They don’t even have a Metallum page as of this writing, in fact, so new are they. But their sound makes it clear they’ve been around awhile with vocals that never stay on one path long going from shrieks into echoing, angry shouts while the riffs hack atypical patterns that negate what classicism remains. Just as quickly there’s something familiar, but then Umbra Conscientia tear it apart and repackage it in a new form. I was surprised how many times this album caught my attention. It absolutely refuses to remain in the background.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Umbra Conscientia –  Yellowing of the Lunar Consciousness
Terratur Possessions
4 / 5

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