Witchbones – The Seas of Draugen (Occult Death Metal on the Open Seas)


Lol I always think the theme of the sea is silly in metal, but then I remember I’ve encountered a few bands over the years that have turned it from silly to formidable. We will now be adding to that imaginary list Witchbones, who preach the canon of occult death metal from broken ships upon the salty rocks. Seriously what has not the power of brutal nature like ye olde sea? Perhaps it’s hard for it not to work. I noticed The Seas of Draugen received hate in the ocean of landlubber music criticism recently, probably because anyone who’s listened experienced seasickness because of how squalid it is. So like get those sea-legs ready ye dogs. Warning, there be more sea jokes coming matey upon these riff waves.


Before this point, from what I’ve heard, Witchbones didn’t deserve to exploit the “witch” element. Just the bones. Actually that’s also too cool for the band prior to this album. But let’s forget that anyway, because with The Seas of Draugen their past is forgotten like so many waves at high tide. Witchbones have come to the point of forming a distinct sound. It’s a sandcastle of occult that refuses to crumble in the surf. The recording quality is disgusting, much like the dampness after a cold, ocean rain in May, but yet finely layered with haunting background incidentals and vocals erupting from swollen, drowned lungs. Much of it sounds like it was recorded in the middle of a storm, and Witchbones has me convinced I’m an old salt at heart. A splendidly cloudy cut this be. If you don’t like it you should shut up and drown in its surges.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Witchbones –  The Seas of Draugen
Iron Bonehead Productions
4.2 / 5