Regression – Progress? (No More Blue Balls Punk)


I personally had to do some digging to find this, because I rarely get punk submissions and when I do they’re typically shit. They probably like to hear that but I don’t mean good shit, I mean just plain shit. I’ve been on a punk blue balls bender for years now because of the crap that floods my inbox so I got desperate and started to dig. Better punk covers itself in real street life to sound genuine and if there’s any city known for being pure street it’d be Philadelphia where everyone has a bullet-proof garage door and you absolutely never walk the streets without a handmade knife. Add a skeleton to that and it’s probably going to be not just good punk, but great punk. Thanks Regression, you’ve satisfied my unholy desires in record time.


Progress? is so damn short it can’t quality as an EP. Probably not even as a demo. Out of the four songs none run over 1:40 and they come and go like a Philly subway bum after you push them in front of the train. But damn would I ever release this shiz on 7″. Regression understand where punk came from, but they also know where it should go, which is far more important. What they bring is a nasty bite that sounds like the middle of the Motel Hell chainsaw duel. Their shred easily brings to mind images of spraying blood, chain-smacked faces, and the smell of carbon monoxide as they flood the basement venue this was recorded in with exhaust from a 1979 diesel of some variety. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to such a short sampling of songs this many times (it’s a lot). Please someone send me more things like this.


Regression are Too Cool for Facebook

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Regression –  Progress?
4.5 / 5