Sleepwraith – S/T (“For Fans Of” Derivative Metal)


Now here’s a nice example of “for fans of.” Usually when I see that phrase in a promo I groan and the whole album is already in my head before I start. Sleepwraith are entirely new. You’ll find almost nothing about them aside from ramblings about this very S/T on sites like ours. That’s a tough spot, because being new requires doing something seriously new so someone notices. And wait, this is “for fans of” As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God, etc. etc. etc.? Phew you guys must like trying to pull yourselves out of a tough spot, but this is pretty much a cliff with a straight vertical climb and no footholds, covered in oil. That “for fans of” phrase is a curse sure to make you appear nothing but derivative.


One thing I’ll give Sleepwraith is the number of metal genres they present. I mean there’s practically everything possible on all levels, including the vocals. Their ability to jump in and out of dissonance is also of note. But, there’s a strong sense of “newcomer” that can’t be hidden. “For fans of” is basically the catch-all phrase here. Sleepwraith can vary their style, but they lack personality. This debut constantly tries to prove itself because it needs to, but it simply can’t be more than “for fans of.” I found them best when they kept it vast, like the main riff at 0:40 in “Biomite,” but these moments were few. If they plan on getting a bit of attention they need to find themselves a modicum of space in the already overcrowded “for fans of” scene. Discerning ears don’t want “for fans of” anymore.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Sleepwraith –  S/T
Artwork – Therese Lanz
2.8 / 5

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