Control (Hype is Real Psychic Warfare Game)


Reviewing video games is hard. You can’t toss out critique after brief play, it leads to score bloating. “This game looks great,” you say after two minutes, and then “but wow does it suck” after two hours. IGN review already published? Oh well. So I’ve always tried to make sure I give a complete look because what looks awful at first could be a gem, and the other way. But don’t worry, the hype about Control, the way it looks, and the way it plays for the first ten minutes, is a standard it never abandons the entire freaking way through. Trust me, I’ve been playing it for four solid months. You’re Jesse, new director of the FBC (Federal Bureau of Control), which investigates phenomena that disturb reality. You enter the Bureau’s disordered, otherworldly center called the “Oldest House” and are quickly assaulted by chaos only you can master through reality-bending abilities.


Control deserves to be drooled upon, that’s clear from the start. The play is smooth, the graphics crisp and nearly 100% convincing in their reality, the tension high, the challenge perfect, the creepiness creepy, the mind-blowing powers (and flying while throwing huge chunks of rock with your mind holy shit), ugh it’s tight. You take direct charge of Jesse’s development into a psychic war machine, and the plot is dense. That could be the only minor complaint one could have, how deep this craziness gets. With all the documents you gather it’s an epic-length novel with some Socrates-meme level ideas that take longer than a share to read. Perhaps too much for the average gamer. Since I’m not average, I really can’t say, so you might need to run a self-upgrade before you try it, but it, like many games of its type, eases into its headiness so there shouldn’t be a problem. Recently a new mode was released and the primary game is on a sick discount until January 1st, just in time for Christmas, so abandon reality and smash some hiss scum with bulky shit you tear out of walls. You should play this.


Control Epic Games Official Page

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Remedy Entertainment (developer), 505 Games (publisher)
4.8 / 5