Folian – Blue Mirror (Shoegaze Ouroboros)


Folian speaks volumes about dreaminess. I mean there’s a drowned or languid body on the cover floating in or washed up from the sea with hair twisted about the fingers. That alone makes you stare down at your shoes so far you turn in on yourself like an ouroboros. Talk about deep thoughts. Well, blue mirror has got that going on, but unfortunately it’s also a little too stuck in its own diversions, which is why I pulled out that snake stuck in its own butt reference.


But trust me, it’s clear Folian (David Fylstra) knows how to create the sound. blue mirror is touching, delicate, and dismal. Each misty chord and aching string-pluck tugs out a vein, slowing the heart, and his plaintive voice is beautifully trained, or if not carries inborn talent that makes you want to stop breathing. You’ll find your mind lost in thought at the opening and Folian’s ability to color any world gray is commendable. However, the primary issue with blue mirror is its lack of diversity. Within about three tracks you’ve seen all it has to offer, and some cuts sound so similar you swear you accidentally hit repeat. As such, there is much promise in this project, but it’s currently swirling in its own world and forgot to pull out.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Folian – blue mirror
Anima Recordings
Cover Art: Dylan Garrett Smith
3.7 / 5