Sobranie 8 18 – S/T (No Annoying ASCII Symbols Witch House)


Yeah I needed some witchery in my lifedeath and this just happened to pop in the promos only a few days before it officially drops. Good. You metal, punk, death thrash, and whatever else clowns need to lose your lucidity once in awhile and melt away. Sit back, listen, brain bleed, absorb. Get the electronic pulse throbbing in place of your broken heart and let me hear that gurgling in the throat after you regret downing a whole bottle of pills. We know you started listened to underground filth because you were bullied or something, so make it a bit more sullen for once. Russia’s Sobranie 8 18 are here to make you more sophisticated in that regard and will assist as you shed tears for a wasted life of buying vinyl you forget you even own. Pop this S/T pill.


Witch House I hear less of these days. That’s how it goes. A genre comes into being to be widely consumed in a “scope this” frenzy, and then the initial swarm is filtered to leave only the dedicated, head-bobbing ghosts that we are. This S/T is more than Witch House, however, and does more than simply exist in the electronic void. Sobranie 8 18 are particularly successful with minimalist electronic beats and synth that provide space in which the effect-laced vocals can haunt. That’s one of the keys to this type of music and they’ve largely got it down. At times the synth runs the risk of stepping over the line separating eerie and touching from cheesy and annoying, but largely the excellente vocal depression keeps it on track. For the future, Sobranine 8 18 needs to find a means to separate from the usual cemetery spooks that fill the electronic underground but at least they don’t use annoying ASCII symbols in their name.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Sobranie 8 18 – S/T
4.2 / 5