Sarcator – Visions of Purgatory (Former Metallica Worship Blackened Thrash)


Finland seems to be the experimental mecca of metal these days, but what about Sweden? It’s tucked there in the middle between that and koovoolt Norway. You certainly know Sweden’s hailed as the mecca of WTF metal with bizarre vocal delivery, complex solo passages, and the like, but never really fully experimental. So it’s almost like a happy medium between that tiresome “I’ll stab you tho” black metal and super experimentation. In many ways, that makes it the perfect bridge for some fooking blackened thrash hell yes. Thanks Sarcator. It’s okay you used to worship Metallica.


Sarcator come with less than 200 fans for this review, and it’s even better because if you scope photographs they all appear to be 14 or something with maybe a 20-or-so at the helm. So you’d think aw man where is this going to go, considering they started as a Metallica cover band. But Visions of Purgatory, a collection of their first two demos, is a slam from start to finish. For only four songs these guys dish out amazing clarity, charred riffs, acid-eaten-throat vocals, and confidence, more importantly, that many thrash bands fail so often lack. With their impressive solos and technical ability, this is going to be a power team to watch if they don’t screw it up. The only fault here is the fact that this is merely two demos combined, but for a band just starting it’s the kind of hope I get only once in awhile.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Sarcator – Visions of Purgatory
Redefining Darkness Records
Cover Art: Marcio Menezes (Blasphemator Art)
4.4 / 5