Muscipula – Little Chasm of Horrors (Plant Metal)


Man what a slay this is. There’s almost nothing about these filth clowns, Muscipula, anywhere on the Internets. That’s cool, because I guess it makes it more like dark web metal or something. Actually in this case plant metal. To further that theory the band names themselves off of an obsession over Venus flytraps in Southern-US swamps where they apparently don’t even live in the first place since they’re from Nashville. With weird mantras about humanity falling to the leaf, something about plants as master species, and clear 80s-child “remember the days but specifically ones about plants” syndrome, Muscipula was certain to make a mark with this, their first demo. Heavy plant material coming, but also more of what one could call blackened death rock.


I mean man talk about coming from nowhere talking about nothing but doing something. Little Chasm of Horrors, for all of its bizarre carnivorous plant worship that really has no purpose, is bestial. Considering this is only three tracks, it’s hearty, full of meat, or, lol, peat? The bass comes slathered in bog slime, its strings flapping like unearthed roots in some squalid insect-eating pit, with riffs bubbling up and over. But what really got me about this one was the vocals. They’re so obscene, primarily because they’re some of the lowest (without effects) I’ve ever heard, but the delivery is also splendidly varied with raw throat tearing and screams to even out the digested mix coming out of Musciupla’s acidic stomach. Most pleasing were the in-breaths, slightly overdriven, that only added to the devouring sound this band has puked out. Definitely a solid three-track demo for sure. Plus it has lots of plants stuff.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Muscipula – Little Chasm of Horrors
Caligari Records
Cover Art: Dave Varney
4.4 / 5