Coyote (LSD Animal Death Revenge by Lorenz Wunderle)


Yeah where to begin with this? I feel like it’s the kind of thing from which you draw your own conclusions. Is there a point? I don’t care, because Coyote, with its vivid, 90s gross-out style is primarily a hallucinatory splendor for only the hardcore. But like is there a point (asks a provincial)? Well, yeah, the director sort-of said so, but it doesn’t matter if you get it, or want to. All that matters is it’s about a coyote getting revenge when wolves kill his family so he sets a fire and then skins them and stuff. That’s what I’m in this for. “Well that’s different,” isn’t what I want to hear, so if that’s you, best log out.


Lorenz Wunderle has been quite clear on his influences. If you’re familiar with puke animation of the glory days (if you’re in your 40s or a weirdo pseudo-nostalgist), Coyote is beautiful in bringing the trash hard. A coyote family feasting on a bison is waylayed by wolves, the father left in half and barely alive. After passing into the beyond he is given the ability to live out human emotions in some near-death fantasy world where he pops pills and drinks scotch, discovering the wolves are now bikers wearing pentagram jackets. So he ends up skinning one’s face off, wearing it, and other assortments of gory pain in an act of revenge. The human-like quality to the characters’ expressions is notable, but it’s really the flashy, bright style and brutality, along with a taste of the metal, that makes Coyote so enjoyable. It’s the perfect feast for wormkin. So like, feast.


Lorenz Wunderle Official Vimeo

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Coyote (2018)
Lorenz Wunderle (director)YK Animation (distributor)
4.5 / 5