Lutharö – Wings of Agony (Melodic Toddler Death Metal)


Yaaaaaaaaahhhhh (with a bit of fluctuating). That’s practically how all these albums start out, those scream from the heart vocals, I just can’t mimic the “epic” guitars and such properly with words so add those too. But damn does it feels moderately good this time for some reason WTF. I’m not sure I can entirely place it, and it’s not that Lutharö totally nails it either. Maybe I’m just having a good mood day, maybe they’re lucky, or maybe they actually deserve it for reasons I’ll get to. Let’s see with Wings of Agony.


Lutharö is typical for this type of metal. It’s easy to confuse them with any number of bands. Yeah, they can solo run, dish out harmonics, the drums can chariot stomp, and so forth. There’s really nothing new. What keeps the interest are Krista’s vocals, at least when they’re clean. Like many women (sorry) she lacks the deepness for true beast attack, but when she pours forth emotion you feel it, that’s for sure. That’s really the key to any metal like this, a strong lead, and she’s hard to match when she doesn’t try to be tougher than she needs to. Wings of Agony just barely was more than a C to me, the vocals are really its crown, talented though the rest of the band is. Krista adds a genuineness that makes the rest of the music so goddamn honest about itself you can’t help but enjoy it. Plus I got to watch my kid headbang to it, so I know toddlers like it.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Lutharö – Wings of Agony
Cover Art: Costin Chioreanu
4 / 5