Sign of Evil – Psychodelic Horror (Blackened Goth Punk, I Think)


Phew almost missed this one I say. It just so happened that the limited 7″ promo came in el email and I was like wut how I have no hear? Whatever, here it is anyway, whatever it is, I really don’t know to be honest. So Chile is no stranger to some of the more bizarre, fringe-worthy metal I’ve heard, but I don’t think it’s safe to call Sign of Evil that entirely. It’s something between punk and goth but with something like metal in there, or perhaps it’s better to say it’s just its own thing? I don’t know, blackened goth punk is about all I got today, I think, so take that. Problem is I don’t think a goth, punker, or metalhead would actually enjoy this. Beautiful.


Okay that’s a stretch, but Psychodelic Horror definitely comes without presumptions about what it is; it’s not even certain it knows. There’s a bit of everything dark mixed in here, but in such a confoundingly good way where to start? It’s got hardcore punk flair but yet black fishnets and wait WTF a South American guerrilla ski mask with middle fingers in the air? The bass sounds like tank treads rolling over rocks, the guitars tap out meek gothboy solos and then twist into awkward speed metal runs, the drums are a thrash master taking a hiatus from his other band I mean seriously WTF is this and why can’t I get enough? The true beauty is it’s almost unfathomable what you’re listening to. It’s got “I’m an asshole buy this” all over it with its goth symphonics, echoes, and whatever else. God I can’t even get my fingers around this, so I might as well just STFU and get my fingers around the limited 7″ I just purchased. Shit I’m a failure.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Sign of Evil – Psychodelic Horror
Caligari Records, Edged Circle Productions
Cover Art: Bharata Danu
4.7 / 5