Lebenssucht – -273​,​15°C (Now I’m Legit Suicidal Black Metal)


Man the pain just bleeds off of the self-inflicted cuts of this one, phew. Proper direction, vertically, along the length of the veins, goddamn… I’m seriously suicidal now, for show at least. Depressive Suicidal Black Metal (DSBM) doesn’t get the hype it needs sometimes. Maybe it’s too legitimately scary to some, I don’t know, it’s a fringe of the general genre I so rarely get submissions for, but usually when I do it’s the same crybaby shit mimicking suffering for effect. I don’t really feel anything from that kind, I feel nothing. Good, you say, start there, but in that nothing I want to feel absolute agony. You need real emotion, and probably life experiences, to get me there. Expressing it the way bands like Lebenssucht can is one of the stipulations to dare calling your band DSBM.


I was worried -273​,​15°C was an exaggeration for effect at first, though. You know, like “dude this is so cold though you just don’t even know.” Like the majority of DSBM. I’m not sure what the title’s on about, but the music is DSBM properly conceived. Lebenssucht feel like they legitimately hate life. The riffs are blistered and forceful in their expression, but the true ray of a imploded sun are the vocals, which, frankly speaking, are some of the best in black metal, in general, I’ve ever heard. I’ve noticed in German versions of the general BM style more of a tendency to moan in agony, and here that kind of style is brought to the end of its evolutionary chain. The lead is a proper lead, most importantly, passing out the broken razors with so much control of her emotions you pretty much want to try suicide to fit in. This is, to end quick, bleeding hands down, the best DSBM band I’ve ever heard and it should be on vinyl.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Lebenssucht – -273​,​15°C
Cover Art: S Caedes and Lebenssucht
4.7 / 5