Bezwering – Aan de wormen overgeleverd (UNDEATH METAL)


Bands really need to declare themselves “post” dash whatever when it’s fucking weird. When I hear “black metal,” for example, I expect horse-stomping drums, lo-fi tremolo blizzard storms with maybe riffs in there, and bass that’s rumbling behind all of it as the Popeye screech vocals commence. Lol where’s me spinach? So why bother burying yourself in that mass genre grave if you have something more to say? Stand out, add a post to the mix, and make everyone aware beforehand this is some otherworldly shit and like, they probably won’t get it. You got that Bezwering? You got that?! They already do, actually, so forget that post thing, for this be undeath metal according to the band. They abandoned the post tradition and came up with something on their own. And no more do I agree with a self-serving neologism than now.


Aan de wormen overgeleverd definitely has its accessible entryways, but otherwise it’s filled with pain points for the average listener. Sorry provincials. Bezwering bend expectation almost constantly. The vocals go from suicidal wailing to operatic, fluctuating ghost moans. The riffs? Well, at times you feel like they make sense, but then they decay as the drums totally collapse, on purpose, and dissonant shrieks and string pulls somehow manage to create melody. A number of passages are breathtaking for their ungainly progression and multi-layered scattering of sounds. This is 100% its own genre here and it’s up to you to understand it does work. If you can’t get it, well, just go back to your usual blizzard beast shoite and leave us be. Even “post” won’t give you a sense of where stuff like this goes. It’s undeath metal, listen and learn.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Bezwering – Aan de wormen overgeleverd
Ván Records
Cover Art: Karmazid
4.6 / 5