Collision – The Final Kill (Tears of Joy and Sadness Crossover Epilogue)


Nothing these guys do is wrong, there I said it. Even their earlier work, when they more heavily leaned grindcore, is tolerable. But none of that “their early stuff is better” nonsense because they just kept getting better. Not only do they have the guts to wear their own shirts, they realized that grindcore can be taken seriously, and sounds better for it. Once they hit that stride around 2012, there was no stopping Collision, swear to god. Until now, that is, sigh… Because, sadly, The Final Kill is their last official release and it’s a fucking EP guys are you serious? But I’ll let that go because it’s a proper epilogue if there was ever one in crossover. Let me readjust the first sentence, though, to “there’s only one thing these guys did wrong.” And that was decide to call it quits.


But I couldn’t be happier with the literal final product. The Final Kill sees a further evolution of Collision’s sound into a much more complex synthesis of previous work. I won’t bother giving the details, because you probably don’t care and just want to smash that shit, but give me a few more moments. One of the things amazing about this EP is that with every spin (and I gave it about 6 in one sitting) it sounds like a new album or more tracks than stated. It’s evidence of the intricacy these guys have gotten to in their, now ended, career, and almost shameful. You freaking cucks better get your shit together and reform. If it is over, this is the best swan song I’ve ever heard in the underground. Something new every time, creating a new memory to put into the “remember Collision” crevice in your brain. Goodbye and good luck you morons.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Collision – The Final Kill
Hammerheart Records
Cover Art:  Luis Sendon
4.5 / 5