Expunged – S/T (Non-Regressive Death Metal Filth)


Man can Hell’s Headbangers get any better at picking out these random, new bands that absolutely slay? I guess that’s why they do what they do so well. Someone there’s got a knack. So we’ve got Expunged here today, who self-describe their style as, quote “sick, rotten, coated in filth death metal surrounded by a sea of darkness.” So I say, quote, “I’m in.” Only five songs on a 12″ though r u fkn srs? Hey, there’s some death metal royalty behind this one, so they don’t need any more space, trust me.


God, I love Expunged. It’s clearly got a classic DM bent, but yet it’s not regressive in any way. It’s downtuned, sickened filth, closer to blackened or war than classic, and it comes so fast you’ll absolutely need to listen again. The glory of it is it’s one of those albums that somehow sounds like it’s a new song when it repeats, a standard to which few bands in the death metal underground can hold themselves. Expunged have the background, however, and unlike the rest they can reel you in with what appears classic bait but turns out to be just a goddamned huge hook that tears your lame cheek out. A perfect, quick chunk of what is hopefully a dirty future.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Expunged – S/T
Hells Headbangers Records
4.6 / 5

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