Henry Kane – Age of the Idiot (Conglomerate Crust Metal)


I feel like the promos I’ve been receiving, the ones I’ve selected anyway, have really come in the perfect order. I’ve had a great sampling of noise, heavy metal, punk, etc., and now add to that this slab with some crust stuff and we’re pretty much filling out a memoir. And this is rather a good memoir, because Henry Kane is just one crazy ass dude who does everything on his damn own and screw you you’re a moron. But this kind of attitude demands fathomless musical foolery to pull itself off. Like, what are you talking about bro? Simple, I don’t want to be able to pull out any tags or drop any names to describe it. Can this guy do it? Lol he’s from Sweden.


Age of the Idiot melds a number of things. You’ve got that DIY, lonely-basement-man aesthetic of grind and that pasted-together-fuck-the-world aesthetic of punk, yet crusty, yet blackened, yet wait, this is Swedish death too? Jesus Christ what else does this guy have to offer? There’s no clear delineation here, folks, though you’ll swear it at first. In many ways it does its own thing as a conglomerate, and that’s the way to go. We’re in an era of the best lacking clear genre definitions. It’s useful, for it strips away the less able critics, leaving them gibbering piles of tag-tossers who lack an understanding of the intricacies in underground music. When their power of name-dropping is gone, they have so little to say. Age of the Idiot defies the usual, but yet it samples the usual. It’s a little of this, a little of that, and somehow it all comes out a lot of the anarchistic.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Henry Kane – Age of the Idiot
Transcending Obscurity
4.3 / 5