Close the Hatch – Modern Witchcraft (Pls Better Name Sludgegaze)


I have to say this band has one of the worst freaking names I’ve ever heard. No one can beat Clouds Taste Satanic, though, but this is getting close let me tell you. Like what? Close the bomb shelter hatch? Is this a mouth reference like “down the hatch” when you eat? What are you eating? Tank hatch? Is this like some veiled panzer reference or something? Please no. I mean, I get it, like the hatch is closed to the world or something, that’s pretty depressing and dreamy, makes me want to be all alone if that is the intention, and I’m not sure it is, but if it is man that name’s far from poetic and poetic is what Modern Witchcraft is all about. Come on guys!


I guess we’ll ignore the name, as much as it scars my heart. Close the Hatch have been developing their sound for several years, but based on samples of their earlier work this is clearly their best; further in this direction please. It feels like they didn’t quite take their sound seriously enough until they got to Modern Witchcraft. It’s sludge style with a modicum of doom, but the real beauty here are the vocals, which capture the attention and then quickly smother it with sadness. This is one of those albums you listen to intently and then it nicely fits into the background. Not like an elevator, please don’t misunderstand, it becomes like a noxious gloom casting shadows over everything. You slouch low in your chair, someone eventually says “you okay bro?” and you stare back at them, eyes as empty as a void. These guys really hit a great stride with this. It’s touching, with power, but knows when to remain supple.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Close the Hatch – Modern Witchcraft
Red Moth Records
Cover Art: Matt Mills
4.3 / 5