Vandal Moon – Black Kiss (Post-Punkwave Lovechild)


It always annoys me so listen up you guys. Send me more promos like this. Gawsh why do bands of this type seem to be so poorly promoted? Maybe it’s the focus we used to have on metal all the time, I don’t know. Seeing our metal focus long ago they say “oh that’s some shit metal site” or something. Well it’s not okay? We do other stuff! It just needs to be dark and depressing and make one want to leap into high chasms, regardless of genre. You don’t think synthwave can do that, huh, huh? Well it can, just listen to Vandal Moon’s latest, Black Kiss. Then shut up and send me more diverse promos.


Another lonely “must I peruse Bandcamp tags without a proper promo” evening is where this one came from. Sometimes it leads to real treasures, like Black Kiss. Vandal Moon are another modern synthwave outfit that easily captures the past while putting it in the present. The sound flits like broken neon signs and the vocals repine beneath their flicking glow, or some quasi-Goth HS poetry like that. They have an expert control over their sounds and the atmosphere is classic noir with suicidal themes and robot sex, but it they also know when to play it more affectionately. Most bands that go the synth route rely far too much on the “scary 1980s horror” approach, but Vandal Moon probably lived in the era and remember how it feels and that emotion is easily imparted into Black Kiss. I just wish they didn’t sell out of the damn vinyl before I found it I mean come on.


Vandal Moon Official Facebook

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Vandal Moon – Black Kiss
Starfield Music
Cover Art: Neil Scrivin
4.4 / 5