Mordhell – Graveyard Fuck (Unwashed Human Body Black Metal)


This is one of those albums where you’re like “whelp, here we go,” because it absolutely does not give two shits how you feel and it’s telling you immediately what it’s about. It does it in a fairly open, yet peaceful way as well. The title’s clear, but the cover, which only hints at its inner putrescence, leaves it up to you whether you investigate further. Mordhell is one of Poland’s most seasoned and filthy acts, and after their stellar four-way split from last year I was ready to be disgusted with myself again for saying I listened, and Graveyard Fuck was sure to do that and will be sure to do that for you if you’re looking to defile yourself.


These guys have been filthy, these guys are filthy, and these guys will be filthy. Just understand that now. Though considered generally “black metal,” Mordhell is rather a cornucopia of metal disgust bleeding death, black, crust, and other degraded forms from every unwashed orifice. Graveyard Fuck has a groove to it black metal simply can’t grasp, but death punk would never touch because it’s too afraid of breaking some sort of assumed political barrier (there isn’t one here actually, it’s politically neutral in its grime). It manages its own special space, in a way. Echoing, molden vocals, strings sloughing off rotting skin, everything about these guys in this current incarnation is what you expect. Raw is an overrated and overused term, this stuff is just rank. It’s a mixture of human excrement, rotten milk, and unwashed genitalia, musically speaking.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Mordhell – Graveyard Fuck
Pagan Records
4.2 / 5