Marthe – Sisters of Darkness (I Believe in Heavy Metal Again)


Sometimes something so short and simple can be so freaking powerful. Though calling this a demo is a bit inapplicable to what is really a beyond-EP length freaking beast out of nowhere. Heavy metal, doom, and all that sort of thing are so often beaten into the ground by the templates utilized by most bands to create them. Sometimes, though, someone simply has the touch and when they come out of hiding to reveal themselves the result is amazing, and this time I actually believe heavy metal exists. It’s really true. Italy’s Marthe is an example of “the touch,” a one-woman act with background game in the crust and d-beat scene who decided to speak for herself and unite women of the metal of the world with Sisters of Darkness.


Marthe creates heavy rock/doom like a ghost and haunts said scene like a ghost. Her calls are haunting and mysterious, but boil the blood when her rally cries screech. Sisters of Darkness is a mere demo, they say, but its impact is fierce. In fact, can you consider something with this much bite a demo, properly speaking? Likely not. Marthe runs well over EP length here and her proficiency with all the instruments featured elevates the usual “demo” expectations to full-length “what no vinyl yet?” anticipation. Her riffs are bright and confident and her voice commands you to believe in heavy metal again. Sisters of Darkness is the essence and inner beauty of the art of metal wrought by amazingly capable hands. High marks from a new, loyal fan. I await the future.


Marthe Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Marthe – Sisters of Darkness
Caligari Records, Self-Released (cassette and digital)
Cover Art: Mariya Popyk
4.5 / 5