Skeleton – S/T (Dark Basement Thrash)


This kind of thrash conjures my favorite vision. Imagine a basement in a lower-middle income, at best, town somewhere in a broken down, former industrial center of the US, probably Ohio (actually Texas here, technically). Imagine in that shit hole a local quickie gas station is the only “entertainment” and in that doldrums is a home with dirty stucco and a porch supported by 2x4s. Within this shithole in the middle of a bigger shithole is a basement; the foundation is broken and the sump pump works sporadically, leading to a trickle of earthen water into the space, turning a long-unread sci-fi collection into a moldy mess that provides the fine odor in which you find yourself. Within this absolute horrible place are candles, ripped AD&D posters, and some dudes who want to make thrash. They’re a shining speck of lichen upon the mold. Skeleton, ah what an accessible, fresh goddamn sound is this S/T. Descend with me.


Now that you’re down in this hole and the vision is complete, have a listen. Skeleton have a way of connecting to the senior citizen in you, but also the smart-assed kid whose only sexual experience is rummaging through vintage porn. The former individual is looking for something that rings of the past while the latter strongly craves variety and newness. This S/T brings both in deceptively simplistic ways. It can present itself in the epic vestments of metal that has come and gone, but then the beats suddenly cave to speed, one track in particular opening with a classic horse-hooves intro, for example, and the riffs create a magical, dark basement with a makeshift candle altar in the mind as soon as they churn. So prepare thy sacrifice to the plastic skull that sits upon it, roll that d20 for an 18 with strength bonus, chug that warm, bargain beer, sit upon the rotting carpet and embrace the Skeleton. It’s not retro, it’s not old, and it’s not new. It’s a thing to behold in all of its selfness.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Skeleton – S/T
20 Buck Spin
Cover Art: Jeremy Cook
4.5 / 5