Yummy (Plastic Surgery Zombie Film)


Plastic disasters are on the table in Belgiun director Lars Damoiseaux’s Yummy. A woman and her mother seek out shoddy plastic surgery at an Eastern European hospital; the woman wanting a breast reduction and the mannequin-faced mother needing another face lift ala Jocelyn Wildenstein, while the big-breasted woman’s boyfriend is dragged along for moral support. On route to the hospital, the trio encounter some roadkill trying to squirm back into existence: a sign of things to come. Upon arriving we learn the clinic gives free abortions while the boyfriend stumbles upon a nude woman strapped to an operating table who starts gnashing like a rabid dog when he removes her mask; the result of an experimental rejuvenation treatment and upon her release the zombie chain of command begins.


Yummy mixes black comedy and horror elements with outrageous moments to connect its themes to bloodshed, but perhaps my favorite is the man recovering from penis enlargement surgery, which easily illustrates what the majority of this film is like. He and a female patient get a sense of the eros amidst thanatos as zombies run through the hospital, so as they prepare to copulate some flammable liquid is accidentally spilled on his post-surgery member and while lighting a match to check the label it’s set aflame, causing the head to fall off. Tasty, and fitting with Yummy‘s tagline of “facelifts, boob jobs, and zombies.”


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Written by The Dyer Wraith

Yummy (2020)
Lars Damoiseaux (director), 10.80 Films, A Team Productions, Everstory Productions (producers)
4.3 / 5