Fleshdriver – Leech (Almost Tiresome Death Metal)


Well, here’s a release that almost wears out its welcome but manages to press a smile into your cheeks anyway. Carrying on the tradition of Floridian death metal come Fleshdriver, a drum and guitar tag team that, to date, have but two singles and Leech, a demo, to their name. For lacking bass and just jumping into the steel cage these guys are better than you may expect, but its mainly the details that save them, as well as the fact that they don’t take themselves entirely serious, though that angle only works for so long. Fleshdriver manage a decent chunk sound in spite of the lack of bass, sometimes one can appreciate at first, but which later will require a filling of the void, trust me.


In Leech the riffs churn like mud, and the deep thump of the drums give a catchy groove that makes a multi-listen experience rather easy. Add some vocal echo and a good usage of background sounds, like samples, and you have a rather ace demo. The primary issue here is that Fleshdriver have only just started to reveal what they can accomplish, and after multiple listens it will begin to reveal its thinness to any listener. They’re one of those bands that sound totally with it until you realize much of it has not only been done, but with bass by someone else. There’s still a certain style to Leech that makes it enjoyable and fits the Florida style, but if Fleshdriver desire more recognition, it’s going to require a full-length, which may prove more difficult for them than they realize.


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Fleshdriver – Leech
Redefining Darkness Records
Cover Art: Maxime Tremblay (Brouemaster Visual Decay)
4 / 5