Rope Sect – The Great Flood (Sentimental Moan Rock)


Well I meant to get on this one before release but a tree hit our house so like that was more important I guess. Rope Sect I’ve heard before and I’m glad to see a furtherance of the band’s signature sound of seclusion in this latest sampling of post-punk, quasi-Goth, death rock, moan metal from out of Germany. There’s something about the German spirit, as one critic of a novel said back in the 19th century, that’s filled with “much weak sentiment.” Offensive today, perhaps, but relating to the tradition of Sentimentalism that was particularly strong there, and apparently never died as it finds new life through The Great Flood. Ah, wash the human race off of the face of the earth. And until the day I’ll revel in naked spite.


Rope Sect has a way with the eerie and painful. The Great Flood is a dreamy stroll into a dark autumn evening (that should have brought feelings to the surface and if not you’re not hollow enough). One of the hallmarks I noticed before are the wistful vocals, delivered with a touch of echo, that only occasional veer off course. But what is best here is the consistency without stagnancy. Rope Sect has a peculiar sound, in general, and the thematic approach novel, but often bands get lost in their own experimenting and forget to connect. There’s quite a bit to connect with here and the sentimental edge it has is almost saccharine but never loses a sense of its grounding. There’s practically something here for anyone with a heart bled out by life and some unexpected moments.


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Rope Sect – The Great Flood
Iron Bonehead Productions
Cover Photography: Marko Nadj
4.5 / 5