Töxik Death – Sepulchral Demons (Umlaut is Okay Sometimes Thrash)


I’m waiting for the day I tire of blackened thrash and I’m like yeah okay heard this, heard that, yeah okay, I’m done. But we’re not there yet. The more bands toss little experiments in there, the less likely it’s going to be soon. In this case even a goddamned umlaut wasn’t enough to sway me to hate, but it might be the k in place of c that did it because Norway’s Töxik Death have certainly got this genre pegged. Sepulchral Demons is blackened, but the thrashtastic old school is there as well, it’s just angrier and less concerned about tradition, and thus more effective at keeping me interested.


Sepulchral Demons sets pace immediately after creepy sample intro and lets off the gas only when it ends; fingertip tearing riff running, old school vocal echo, drums rolling like an avalanche, yeah. One thing I can say about these guys that you’re likely to notice is they’re quite accurate. They’re uncouth in delivery, yet you can make out exactly what they’re playing and they don’t lose any of the fierce. Maybe it’s the harsher tones, maybe it’s that they don’t really care in essence bu Töxik Death, in spite of using an umlaut, are a rare instance of where rockin’ the ‘laut isn’t entirely classifying the band but rather setting a standard. Also they use a k instead of a c.


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Töxik Death – Sepulchral Demons
Dying Victims Productions, High Roller Records
Cover Art: Marcus Sjöberg
4.4 / 5