Succubus: Prologue (Filthy Murder and Fondle in Hell Game)


After the hate that Agony received Madmind Studio supposedly parted ways with some hack who screwed it up, then unleashed the Unrated edit, much to the joy of the lowest form of scum of the human race who indulge in vicariously experiencing and causing suffering: me and you. I personally found the extremely intricate atmosphere of Hell in Agony a welcome diversion from typical survival horror, and was interested to see where the devs would take it next with this sort-of sequel announced some time ago, Succubus: Prologue. Intended as an introduction to the full game, it takes a much more sinister direction with the same “fondle and violate the tormented” blasphemy and gore that would make Satan turn Episcopal when he learned you played this, or better yet Jehovah’s Witness except he’d be too afraid to come to your house, ever.


Whereas in Agony you played a condemned soul trying to navigate Hell, Succubus: Prologue puts you in the role of its namesake. As Vydija, who intends on usurping hell to make it even more about violent sex, your primary goal is character and item advancement, unlocking various skills and weapons to recreate yourself in your own carnal image. Succubus: Prologue carries the same level of blasphemy as its predecessor, yet somehow finds a way to offend the unoffendable as you rip out fetuses from vaginal crevasses, fondle lonely, tormented souls before ripping their jaws and penises off, and other such features of the life of a sex-crazed demonic entity in Hell who wants a turn to rule. Particularly interesting are the vastly different types of play that create more of a first-person RPG slasher with less focus on puzzles. I’ll certainly be reviewing the full title upon release, but based on Succubus: Prologue we’re in for more of the same revolting, infernal style that angered half the gaming community.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Succubus: Prologue
Madmind Studio (developer and publisher)
4.5 / 5