kariti – Covered Mirrors (A Dark Folk Emotional Purge through Loss)


To be honest I simply reworded kariti’s own Bandcamp blurb for my subtitle of this one because her words were so poignant alone but I didn’t want to seem totally incapable of thought. But thoughts are lacking today, as a rule. I’m at a total loss for thoughts and words, or better to say through Covered Mirrors I’ve discovered it’s much easier to speak volumes about what you hate than what you love. The more I love something, the less the words come to me, possibly because words are inadequate for something this painfully beautiful. kariti is the best.


kariti, being Russian-born, connects herself with a number of cultural bits that most people won’t get. The name itself is Old Church Slavonic for “mourn the dead” and Covered Mirrors is steeped in old Slavic folklore concerning death. The title is a reference to covering mirrors when the dead are laid out for visitation, the vocals are delivered like Russian laments (a specific tradition), sometimes in Russian, and so forth. Most of this is likely lost on the average listener, but the great thing is none of that matters anyway. The key detail here is does kariti transcend her nativeness to create a universal sense of agony? And the answer is more than a thousand times yes. Covered Mirrors is absolutely gorgeous to behold and its woeful spirit will unify with any listener without a need for explanation. This is top-tier dark folk here, folks.


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kariti – Covered Mirrors
Aural Music
Cover Art: Paola Erre
5 / 5