Evoke – Seeds of Death (Nasty Filthy Angry Blackened Thrash)


I feel like this is always a great way to end a week and usher in the weekend beeoches. Nasty, filthy, and angry thrash. Open the week with funeral doom, end it with this, that’s what I say. Unfortunately the promos don’t respond often enough to make that a permanent reality, so you’ll have to cope with it being a “once in awhile” thing only. Sorry. Evoke bring what I desire this week, or at least enough of it; angry, dark thrash. Nothing new, but capable, and they don’t seem to take themselves entirely serious either, always a plus, which makes it more than acceptable. So let’s end the week with this slab called Seeds of Death.


Evoke have an edge, which seems to be that they just don’t care. They’re here to thrash, angrily, and that’s about it. None of that retro nonsense, either, or at least not enough you’ll really notice. Seeds of Death comes therefore with all the livery of blackened thrash. You’ve got your speed riffs, you’ve got your finger-blister solos, and, most importantly, you’ve got your echoing, infernal vocals. So it’s all here. Now, considering that, don’t expect much more. Evoke aren’t here to really change anything, they’re just here to do it. If you want them to, you’ll enjoy it.


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Evoke – Seeds of Death
Pulverised Records
Cover Art: Hex Graphics
4.1 / 5