Laser Dracul – Hagridden (Moldy Old Dude Stoner Metal)


Well this was surprisingly good, holy shit. I mean don’t fault me too much because these guys are coming at you with lasers and some Dracula shit and, more importantly, they’re playing stoner/sludge/doom metal that usually collapses under the weight of stereotype. Said institutions have not done better in this regard, most often. So maybe it’s that these guys are from Sweden, and thus don’t have the “should I do this like Dopesmoker?” mentality that poisons so many. Or maybe it’s that they’re old, moldy dudes whose mildew hands stain everything they touch, and just make Hagridden that much awesomer.


Hagridden is a rather clever way of doing that ole’ witch thang without anyone noticing. See, there are clear markers of “danger, danger, bad stoner/doom is imminent” in most stuff like this. That’s good, because you can look at an album and realize it sucks without wasting your time. Laser Dracul want to ride on the same train, but they’re doing it on top of the engine, huffing the coal fumes. That’s probably why lead dude sounds like a chain smoker who should get chemo but just wants to die; he’s wan and bitter. That’s honestly the best kind of sound to carry this kind of spooky, old-style, modern-stoner approach. The riffs are dipped in oozing black mold and the drums don’t need to prove they can do more than drag along the bodies. They roll as the solos pile on top of the muck, and man it’s hefty. Well worth a vinyl purchase.


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Laser Dracul – Hagridden
Majestic Mountain Records
Cover Art: Shane Horror
4.8 / 5