Häxenzijrkell – Die Nachtseite (Halloween Black Metal is Good)


Can this occult aesthetic hold out forever? It does for Halloween, at least, so why not black metal? And hey, we even have an orange and black theme for this one so quite fitting as we move into October. Witch, goat, cauldron, alchemical symbol for lead, skull, and some sword shit also. Yep, 20% off your next costume right here. You’re already groaning, I’m sure, but see Häxenzijrkell are more clever than you think. For all their “German woodcut during the 16th century” style, they have a certain way of making it appear as what you expect, but the result, as Die Nachtseite proves, is much different.


This one is a three-part pain opus, each track clocking it at over 10 minutes of agonizing screeches only German black metal is capable of crafting, but there’s more. Häxenzijrkell, much like their name, mess with the spelling of things. They take what’s expected and so more. Die Nachtseite isn’t just frosted over, it’s practically the void of space with its iciness. Most of the riff slay is delivered in an absolute storm, with samples, spoken word, wailing, moans, and light keyboards digging to the surface to create form. There’s this German, Sentimental edge to black metal, sometimes, that only comes out when properly given ample space to develop. Die Nachtseite is the best of this type, with some moments that truly creep while they continue the old traditions. Plus the vinyl has shiny lettering on it, so you should get it.


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Häxenzijrkell – Die Nachtseite
Amor Fati Productions
Cover Art: Karmazid
4.5 / 5