Repuked – Dawn of Reintoxication (Swedeath with a Myspace Page)


Lol these fooking clowns. I knew Repuked was going to spew vomit from the moment I saw their name, followed by the album title, lol Dawn of Reintoxication, and then band photos where they clearly could give a shit with grocery bags left in the shot, a double-wide lawn chair, someone holding a foot for some reason, pointing, and what I hope is a bottle of flavored soda water instead of alcohol. The usual expectation of Swedish death metal is destroyed expectations, but these guys are rather keen on just messing shit up, making their own form of meat grinder metal with that Swedeath edge.


Dawn of Reintoxication most definitely features solos, bizarre cuts into slowed tempo, and that strange, spoken-word roaring found in the Swedish blood. But Repuked aims more in the grind direction and loosen their approach so as to seem almost insincere, incorporating Swedeath in a way that freshens the stench. But you’ll take them seriously, don’t worry, because the recording captures the crunch of grind with high clarity, backing it up with husky bass. Vocally they yell, scream, tear their throats apart, and otherwise vomit, slurp, and then vomit again as is their namesake. A refreshingly obnoxious quartet, these guys, and very welcome here, if not for the fact that they hilariously list their Myspace page as their official site lol.


Repuked Official Facebook

Repuked – Dawn of Reintoxication
Soulseller Records
Cover Art: Necromaniac Artworks
4.6 / 5