Svartsyn – Requiem (More of the Same Yet Better Black Metal)


Yeah, so like I was on a lull this week, and the last week, because 100% of the promos I received sucked and there was seriously nothing worth your time. So if anyone said there was they’re stupid and you should stop paying attention to them. So I had a conundrum at that point. Do no reviews at all and wait until the week of release, as I’ve been doing recently, or just say screw it and get ahead of the fakking game bro. Seeing as how that would work to my advantage, and Svartsyn returns more awesome than before, I figured I’d start earlier from now on. The fact that this guy is sticking to his format yet has somehow developed at the same time is enough for me, and hopefully you. Actually you, nevermind.


I first came across this guy when he dropped a rather sick full-length via Agonia Records, who doesn’t mess around either. Svartsyn hasn’t been around as long yet has some serious ground game, with a proven history of consistently high-reviewed drops, even back to his original rehearsal demo. As I said the last time I saw him, this is “qua black metal.” It sinks into the crowd but when you inevitably notice it, it catches your attention entirely. Yet again he emerges from the static void of riff snow to grasp thy throat and force you to focus. Requiem is successful on a number of levels from the impressive song length to riffs delicately carved upon the skin with the drums pummeling a new pulse into you. Svartsyn has a grasp of general black metal trends beyond what I normally receive, and has, in my opinion, stepped beyond his previous work with this one, even though, strangely, he’s largely sticking to his previous approach.


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Svartsyn – Requiem
Carnal Records

Cover Art: Chadwick St. John (Inkshadows)
4.5 / 5