Apochryphal Revelation – Primeval Devilish Wisdom (Crayola Cover Occult Black Metal)


Man we got some Crayola (trademark not approved) shit going on up in here with this killing the Jesus cover, which only adds another layer of coolness to this slab of occult trash. Apochryphal Revelation have lived in obscurity for awhile and it’s been three years since they peeked from out of the dark of Kentucky, but here we go again, shitty-ass crayon cover (I think) and all and goddamn it will you love them for every moment of it. I have no idea how this came out of Lexington so my best guess is that a true pit of hell therein exists and occasionally spews out something worthwhile. I imagine this album was written in the following fashion: the band gets together after a three-year hiatus at a Waffle House knock-off (Waffle Inn, perhaps), one of the dudes calls for the kiddie scribble mat and gristly crayons, and then work truly began.


If you think I’m joking, forget it, Primeval Devilish Wisdom sees the band back with their unique, “we did this with crayons” sound. That shit’s said out of the utmost respect. Apocryphal Revelation are superb in how their separate, trashy identities fit together after much hacking and chopping of the edges. The sound lies in a bizarre occult space with a stale beer-laced, local Eagles Club metal show vibe. Part of the key is their usage of just the right amount of keyboard, the echoing vocals, and harmony between instruments, and the tired anti-Christian references somehow woken up for one last go. Apochryphal revelation is a true blast.


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Apochryphal Revelation – Primeval Devilish Wisdom
Nuclear War Now! Productions

4.6 / 5