Omegavortex – Black Abomination Spawn (Exactly Like Their Moniker Blackened Death Metal)


Lol these guys. I see any reference to voids, chasms, and generally anything that suggests a gaping pit of despair and disorder, I know it’s going to be killer. This goes for any genre but blackened death metal? Yeah, works there for sure. It’s almost a requirement. Germany’s Omegavortex are the true curtain to chaos. The shroud to shambles. The thesaurus to the dictionary. Yeah they’re good at this shit.


Black Abomination Spawn is partially a thumbscrew to the usual riff smash and solos of the genre. Much like their moniker, Omegavortex craft a swirling mass most ears will find too disembodied to comprehend at times. Their solos sweep like loose electricity, their riffs, if they can be considered as such, are often noncompliant. Holding them down will accomplish nothing; accept the scars and bruising. But, yet, Omegavortex knows when to pull back and let you bleed without bleeding out, providing not simply an assault on sensibilities and standards, but also a reaffirmation of what blackened death metal is all about.


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Omegavortex – Black Abomination Spawn
Deathworx, Invictus Productions

Cover Art: Henry Mann
4.7 / 5