Revolting – The Shadow at the World’s End (Acceptable Swedish Death Metal)


So I wasn’t a big fan of this at first. In fact I wasn’t a fan at all. I pretty much hated it, but then I realized it wasn’t the fault of Revolting, I had just heard too much typical death metal going through the promos and I forgot, lol, this is the Swedish variety and it always screws with your head. I had to remind myself of that, and once I did, oh, lo and behold, The Shadow at the World’s End became categorically something else. This is Sweden, folks, so let’s remember that going forwards from now on okay?


Revolting, as per their country’s death metal style, have a sound that messes with shit. You need to get that in your head immediately because your mindset will be skewed otherwise. The Shadow at World’s End thus features a number of trappings of the swedeath movement. Those oh so manly vocals, strange periods of slowdown that dish out killer riffs, and simplicity that can suddenly sweep into technical masterpieces. So we’ve got all that here but…I give the score below with some reservation, because Revolting largely follow what’s come before them. Entertaining, for sure, but almost to a level that is acceptable at best.


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Revolting – The Shadow at the World’s End
Transcending Obscurity

Cover Art: Juanjo Castellano
4.1 / 5

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