Hades (Keyboard Rager Hack-and-Slash Game)


Now this game is one that came straight out of the deepest pit of hell, or I mean Hades. The type that will make you mash your keyboard into a pile of broken fragments; from the start a straight up rager. The basic goal is you, as the son of Hades, are trying to escape the underworld by tricking the gods and killing shit.  The hack-and-slash format is fun with vibrant graphics, but the bosses are a pain in the ass. Combine that with the bullshit of losing all your buffs when you die and your monitor will have a gaping hole by the end of the game (from beating it to hell, if that wasn’t clear). But all annoying aspects aside Hades is, bottom line, fun and intriguing. Let’s get into some deets.


Hades‘ story has clever convos between the main character and the gods of Olympus as you try to fool them into your release, but they’re not really tied into play. Each run through various rooms feels completely different, so that’s good, and you never know what buffs or items will drop. Weapon choice depends on your play style in spite of having to restart after each death, but you can get upgrades for your character such as multiple lives, bonus damage to enemies when you attack from behind, increased dash, and more, unlocked by using keys earned from playing. Recent updates added features including a new weapon and made Hades more focused on story but it still incites keyboard and mouse smash rage due to the respawn factor. The bosses are way too much of a pain in the ass and take several runs to conquer but it’s still fun to try and kick their asses to escape HADES.


Hades Official Steam

Written by Cystan the Foul

Supergiant Games (developer, publisher)
4 / 5