Pneuma Hagion – Voidgazer (Noble Status Nefarious Death Metal)


Now here’s a cover I was really on the fence about, in fact pretty much leaning over to the “no way” side but the more I listened to Pneuma Hagion the more I had to accept it. I’ve received some promos from these guys before, consistently rejecting it for the usual Classical or Neoclassical art made into a, yawn, black metal or blackened death metal whatever cover, but here we’re seeing something different, something that provides a visual glimpse into the auditory world of Voidgazer, which is quite a different beast from previous works.


Prior to this moment, Pneuma Hagion (translated as “Holy Spirit”) has been wont to lift Classical and Neoclassical art for fanciness, including a little William Blake, but this largely was a decorative drape upon a peasant’s table. This time, however, through Voidgazer, the two-man death squad have forsworn their previous path for one more crooked and precarious. Though it can tire after several listens, the key is you’ll find it worth more than a single spin. Voidgazer turns corners and twists back around, it’s filled with dread and abandon, that kind of death metal not exactly blackened, but nefarious. This be thy path, Pneuma Hagion.


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Pneuma Hagion – Voidgazer
Nuclear War Now! Productions

Cover Art: William Blake
4.2 / 5