Burning Psalms – A Layer of Repugnance Protects My Wounds. (Sadboi Suicide Ambient Noise)


I hate how I have to actively search this shit out. Why are noise, ambient, and so forth artists and labels so bad at promotion?! Anyway, I got lucky on this one on two counts. One, not released yet. Two, the label head is cool and responded in a reasonable far quicker than the usual. I’m used to such labels getting back to me in a month asking “uh, who are you exactly and why do you want to review this?” even though they have like 10 fans to their credit and the “sold out” on their Bandcamp is actually because only one tape was made and they kept it. It’s a stuck-up, vanity market with no personal sales, to be honest. But now and then there are cool people to be found, case in point Ghost City Collective and this new one from Burning Psalms.


Burning Psalms lays on the teenage (or young adult) woe with some thick static. A Layer of Repugnance Protects My Wounds. is an exercise in self-pity and creating remorse from nothing; a tenderly distressing tear session with electronic sounds like insects creeping from under a bed as you stare at the ceiling, pining over a girl who doesn’t exist. It’s a delusional type of depression with chattering voices and disembodied keyboards coming from a technovoid. The definite thing that Burning Psalms gets right is the carefully combined elements from noise and ambient that never overstate each other. For the most part it hits hard on the emotions, though there are some brief moments yet to bloom. Most of it boils down to understanding the machines he manipulates which, overall, is certainly present here.


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Burning Psalms – A Layer of Repugnance Protects My Wounds.
Ghost City Collective

Cover Art: Young Link
4.3 / 5