Sainte Marie des Loups – Funérailles de feu (Italics for Emphasis French Black Metal)


Everything about this screamed commit thyself to the flames from the second I looked at it. Bleeding eye femme with a sword? A band name that references wolves? An album about funerals in fire? A sold out (damn it) vinyl release in red/black marble with a black and white cover? I mean everything about the presentation is absolutely genius and in need of italics for emphasis. But, of course, I don’t work on look alone, I need personality too before I pay the check. Many a black metal album has come my way with a spectacular presentation but absolutely awful music and thus I left it at the table alone to cover my bill. I’d name some names but they already know who they are and I’ll save further angst because they’ll just keep writing more garbage then.


French black metal has a certain way of doing things better; even the bad examples are somehow more tolerable. The French have been known for their daintiness and exquisite lack of beef, and perhaps that somehow translates well into fragility. Sainte Marie des Loups started as a side project that went the emphasis on lo-fi noise route for its first release before growing wiser and gray. Funérailles de feu is mature in its approach, but refuses to refrain from the fiery spite that defined the band’s earlier work. It’s more forgiving, but still coldly demands of the listener blood in spite of its simplistic progressions and meek keyboard ambience. This in itself is something of a fault, as the bare necessities are utilized, but Sainte Marie des Loups does it in flames, and for this it will be enjoyed.


Sainte Marie des Loups Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Sainte Marie des Loups – Funérailles de feu
Amor Fati Productions

Cover Art: Unknown
4.3 / 5