Mons Veneris – S/T EP (Dungeon Black Metal is Cool)


I guess this is the week I deal out some Central and South American crud. Total chance, but this, along with a new one from Sacrocurse, happened to come in at the same time and neither decided to suck so nice on that count. Few in black metal fandom have not heard of the name Mons Veneris, one of the most active, prolific, and famous acts in the genre from out of Portugal, but if that’s not you today oh well now you know and can consider yourself initiated. Yeah, so this isn’t from Central or South America but STFU. The important thing is this self-titled EP is nearly too long to be considered as such, but hey, that’s okay because it’s what it offers as a whole that matters.

Harvest Of Death · MONS VENERIS – Untitled – [Out on 01.01.2021]

I normally rip on black metal that tries to spook through dungeon production, but I guess I have to eat my words again with this one. Mons Veneris is vulgar and disheveled. The sound rolls in garbage, managing a gasp when it counts, or a spiteful hate spew, but never quite allowing anyone but the initiated into its pit. You’ve got the simplistic, haunted synth, overly-distorted chords, rat swarm screams, and the like, in what is a fairly solid EP from a prolific master who has yet to tire. In other ways it’s quite typical for the genre, however, and prone to heavy dissonance, but dude’s experience makes it much better than the usual and is a demonstration of years of experience in the art. The touches of spookery and grimness do much for the overall listen in this regard.


Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Mons Veneris – S/T EP
Signal Rex

Cover Art: Mons Veneris
4.2 / 5