Sacrocurse – Supreme Terror (Torture Dungeon Death Metal)


Cool now we got some Mexican bile for you. Covered some black metal today, of the dungeon variety, now let’s move it on to death metal of the blackened variety, also possibly in a dungeon of sorts. That depends on your interpretation. Mine would lean in that direction, with echoing, tortured, howling screams rebounding off of stone walls, mildew dripping from mortar, and your genitals crushed and pulled past the ability to procreate but yet your will has not broken. Thus be it with Supreme Terror.


Funny, the Portuguese slop I also reviewed today was but an EP, but man does this one feel a lot longer than it is, in a good way. Sacrocurse transcend death metal boundaries because they just play, and hard, without providing an explanation. Supreme Terror is a darkness of absolute quality, death in its blackest form. It’s amazing how much is crammed into this little amount of space, with multiple listens sounding brand new with each repeat. It never tires and it never stops. This is exactly how any death metal (insert subgenre if desired) EP should sound; pulsating, oozing blood, howling chaos, and terrorizing the clean.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Sacrocurse – Supreme Terror
Regain Records, Shadow Records

Cover Art: Unknown
4.6 / 5