Satanized – Baphomet Altar Worship (Scary Tiki Torch Blackened Death Metal)


This is yet another sick promo from Portugal I’ve received these past few months, though the band photos it came with included one with dude creepily crossing two flaming tiki torches omg so scary. In spite of that silliness, you’d still expect sickness upon looking at the cover by Thailand’s “Sickness 666” with, let’s see now, skulls, candelabras arranged for an evil ritual, skeletal worshippers in cloaks, a pentagram, and an upside-down cross in the middle of it in a skull. But no, that’s not all, there’s also a goat lord with a mace. So basically if the album doesn’t deliver sound fitting to the image, forget it, but Baphomet Altar Worship by Satanize most certainly is all it appears to be without a single tiki torch. Real candle stuff here.


Blackened death metal with a warlike bent is hard to drive in the wrong direction, and Satanize verify the fact, for probably the zillionth time. Baphomet Altar Worship goes primarily for the implacable approach to the extent that it will sound like, as my wife said, “a wall of frikken noise” to the unevil. But we here, and you for reading this, are very very evil, so you’ll totally get it. Satanize is not developing a new style here, the tiki torch band photo reveals rather a somewhat superficial image, but he’s still killing it as-is. If anything it gets more points for being so indiscernible at times that it can practically sound like a new album with every listen. Of course, that’s accidental, but it’s unlikely you’ll mind.


Satanize Official Spotify

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Satanize – Baphomet Altar Worship
Helter Skelter Productions, Regain Records

Cover Art: Sickness 666
4.3 / 5